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Justified Coding and Billing (JCB) is for those who may be just starting out in the healthcare administration field, medical coding and/or billing industry, or are seeking to increase your knowledge and would like to ensure you are ready to take the Certified Professional Coding or Billing exam. Whatever your circumstance JCB can assist you in reaching your healthcare administration goals.

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With 100% dedication from you, JCB will provide content and testing which will guarantee you the optimal information needed to pass the Certified Professional Coding or Billing Exam on your first attempt.

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Registering with JCB gives you access to the same American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) curriculum used by our competitors at discounts of up to 30%.


JCB’s courses can be completed anywhere at any time using your computer, tablet or cellphone. 

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In addition to our excellent instruction, we also offer tutoring—1-on1 and in a group.

What is Medical Coding

Medical coding is the method of translating the documents in a patient’s chart into codes. It requires the ability to read and analyze a patient’s medical chart, identifying the patient’s diagnoses and any procedures performed. It is categorization of those diagnoses and procedures according to a national classification system, assigning a specific numeric or alphanumeric code to each diagnosis, procedure, medical service, and equipment.
Medical coding professionals help ensure that the medical billing process runs smoothly by properly applying codes and making sure they are used correctly. They also ensure that the information extracted from medical files are accurate, appropriate codes are assigned, and claims presented to insurance carriers to be paid, are properly documented and submitted.

While higher education can always strengthen your expertise; it is not required to become a Certified Professional Coder. Recommendations for becoming a medical coder and receiving the designate of CPC© Certified Professional Coder, is to complete a medical course of study and pass an exam. It is more important to show proficiency in areas of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. This proficiency can be shown through earning your CPC© credentials. The AAPC, American Academy of Professional Coders, CPC© credentials are recognized universally by government agencies, employers, and the healthcare industry. Professional credentials received through the AAPC are held to the highest standards. According to a recent medical coding survey, it suggests that certified coders earn significantly more than non-credentialed coders.…/resear…/medical-coding-salary-survey/

If what you have read so far has peeked your interest and you feel like you might be interested in pursuing your medical coding credentials, you can start your new career by joining Justified Coding and Billing, an AAPC certified course provider, and registering for one of our training courses today.


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